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Gifts FROM kids TO elders on Children’s day!

November 14, 2016 Prajna, Puduvai, Boduppal, Hyderabad Children’s day! Prajna kids campaigned for a beautiful neighbourhood in a rather special way today.  They prepared interesting items by repurposing plastic bottles. They then gifted each of these hand made items to every household and showed them a 2 minute 50 seconds video on Swachh Bharat. They explained how EACH OF US (not just the Govt.)

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Jsmn prajna students of rajamahendri participate in sashtabdi celebrations of our acharya at Srirangadhamam

I am very happy to inform you that prajna students at rajahmundry gave a wonderful performance at Srirangadhamam on the occasion of acharya tirunakshatram. 660nstudents from 5 branches of prajna participated in the program. They gave mangalam to swamiji with diyas. They Sang happy birthday song to swamiji. They presented sthotrams, annamacharya keertans, classical dances and speeches about swamiji. They also presented an art

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Community Service by Prajna, Puduvai, Hyderabad!

August 7, 2016 By HH Swamiji’s grace and the Supreme Lord’s blessings, PRAJNA kids have begun working towards a beautiful world! Yes, they have taken over a continual community service. The activity involves keeping the community CLEAN, GREEN & BEAUTIFUL. They began their wonderful activity with a prayer to Lord Vishwaksena to keep all obstacles away. Here’s what they did – PRAJNA kids at our

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Parents Orientation Program, Puduvai center, Hyderabad

July 24th 2016 At Puduvai, on July 24th 2016, was held a grand meeting calling ALL parents in the neighbourhood. This was the Prajna Parents Orientation Program!! The purpose was to enlighten the need for Prajna for every kid, how it can change the society positively. By HH Swamiji’s grace, it was a GRAND SUCCESS! Many parents shared their noble thoughts on how each

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Summer camp at veerabhadrapuram,Rajahmundry

Jaisreemannarayana Glad to inforhat a 15 day camp was conducted by Sreeman Ramakrishna and M.Vjaysrinivas garu at veerabhadrapuram for 15 days. Children were taught module 1, bhajans and stories.

Summer camp at SKVT ( E.M )

Jaisreemannarayana With the mangalasasanams of Srisrisritridandi Sreeman Narayana Ramanuja chinnajeeyar swamiji summercamp is conducted by Smt.Kameswari and Smt.Ramalakshmi at skvt ( E.M ) school. Children are taught meditation, Module I and kolatam.

Prajna coordinators meet in March 2016

Jaisreemannarayana Prajna coordinators of Rajamahendravaram met in the month of March to discuss as to how to conduct summer camps. It is decided to conduct 5 camps at different centres in the month of May,

Drawing and Chanting Competition held @ Prajna, Puduvai center

Mar 20, 2016 SUMMER TIME!  HOLIDAY TIME!! COMPETETION TIME!!! It was an enjoyable and a healthy competition time for around 20 students at PRAJNA, Puduvai, Boduppal on Sunday, Mar 20. Drawing/ Coloring, Handicraft and Sloka Chanting  competitions were held at our center between 10 am to 1 pm on Mar 20th 2016. All kids in the Age group 7+ years participated in the competitions. Below are the details.

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Ratha Saptami observed…!

On the occasion of Ratha Saptami, today’s class began with offering worship to the Sun God. This was done as a group activity. Each child was given water and all of them collectively offered Arghyam to the Sun God. A new sloka was taught. After this, kids exhibited their talent in converting waste material into useful products. The best part was they did it

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Prajna teachers and coordinators meet conducted on 13.02.2016

Jaisreemannarayana We are happy that prajna rajahmundry held a meet to consolidate the activites of this year and take further activities in a planned way. The meeting was presided over by Dr.Karri Ramareddy and organized by Er.Ramanujam. Teachers who are conducting prajna in different centres attended the meet. Constructive ideas were worked out. At present prajna classes are going on at Apex E.M.School, Little

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